The Verses Project

I found this while making a image from a verse I read on the bible app. I have noticed in the past that some verses already showed up as these pre-made works of art. I then proceeded to look up the group that did these. Here is some information about them:

Though we might agree that memorization & meditation are important disciplines, they are much easier talked about than carried out practically in our busy rhythms of life. People start the journey of memorization off strong, but after 2 or 3 weeks, that gusto is often lost. Verses Project intends to make memorization and meditation sustainable, accessible, and even joyful. Every week, we pick a memory verse and post a song to help you hear and sing God’s Word; we post artwork to save on your mobile device, desktop, or for your wall so that you might not only hear it, but also constantly see it, be reminded of it, and treasure it; finally, we post a devotional blog to help you think on and engage with the text.

Check their work out here

Here are some of my favorites:


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